Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dufan: A Short Getaway in Summer

Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, is an outdoor theme park which is located in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the most visited places during summer holiday in Jakarta. Moreover, it usually gives promotion in every August such as Girls' Month by discounting the ticket to IDR 100k. Interesting, ain't it? No wonder, countless people crowd the oldest theme park in Indonesia.

So the pictures you see above are taken a year ago. And this year, I went back to Dufan again!

This year's August is my second time visiting Dufan with my sister. Unfortunately, we couldn't make to try another more challenging adventures because we arrived lately. Hours before we reached Ancol, we had to rush on commuter line which departed to Jakarta Kota. We left home probably at 10.30 in the morning (yes, we were late), walked until we found a mikrolet (Indonesians' common public transportation) on Mako Brimob's T-junction, and then stopped in front of Universitas Pancasila. Thus, we departed from Universitas Pancasila Station. We waited about 15 minutes for Jakarta Kota route commuter. However, still, there wasn't. Therefore, we decided to take common route commuter which brought us to Manggarai Station because my sister believes that many Jakarta Kota route commuters which departs from another station pass through it. 

We had to spend approximately a one hour journey on the commuter before transited to Manggarai Station. After we arrived, we still had to wait for half an hour. There were so many people who also waited for the commuter, adding a hotter scene on the sunny day. Did I whine because of that? INDEED. No, kidding.

I felt so uneasy that afternoon since I believed that we won't make to try some new rides or entertainment attractions as what we had last year. When we just arrived on Jakarta Kota station, we ran quickly to get the mikrolet which had been ready to rush. And then, we vanished between the crowd of Jakarta's traffic.

Finally, we just reached the theme park only in 10 minutes by using mikrolet. Absolutely, we were so excited and couldn't wait to try the first adventure of the day: watching Panic House. Before that, we had lunch on McDonalds. Anyway, Panic House was a new entertainment attraction so no wonder we had to wait for almost 45 minutes with another hundreds of people who were also curious of that. Yes, it was so tiring and indeed boring to wait. When we finally could get in, we just saw a cinema-looked giant screen which plays a 4D movie. All the visitors sat on comfortable seats which are able to move and make such a surprising movement, adjusting the movie scene. The sensation was close to real as what 4D movies usually are. And the movie was quite entertaining, yet terribly shocking. I deliberately didn't use my glasses because I didn't want to scream much like the other people on the room.

After enjoyed the thrilling adventure on the Panic House, my sister wanted to try our usual ride: Kora-Kora. Well, I refused it first but she convinced me that it was just fine. However, I told her that I was quite unhealthy that day. As I tried to calm myself, we still had to queue again but not for too long. About fifteen to twenty minutes, we could get two seats on the ride. Don't further ask me what happened on that moment, I was terribly panicked and scared! The sensation was really different as what I have felt last year when I actually tried that ride. Therefore, I just tried to scream louder so it wouldn't make my bad feeling worse. Anyway, I just got trembling after challenged myself on that creepy legend-ride. What an awful experience.

Since I didn't want to try another more challenging ride, I decided to have a walk and take some pictures. Hereby included some of my pictures which are taken by my sister.

What was the last adventure that we tried? It is Istana Boneka. Well, I know it sounds so childish as many adults would probably try another extreme rides such as Hysteria, Tornado, or Arung Jeram. But I didn't want to take a risk anymore as what I felt on Kora-Kora. Probably I was so tired to wait for a long time; thus, it affected my energy. Istana Boneka would be the only entertainment attraction which could make me feel relaxed. And it worked.

Anyway, if you have another experience or adventure in Dufan, wouldn't you mind to share it as well?

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